Submitting of ISSTT2019 Proceeding paper
Proceeding paper submission deadline: June 15, 24:00 UTC


The electronic file of your Proceedings paper must be formatted following the standard IEEE Transactions template and submitted as a pdf-document.

The submission and processing of the Proceedings papers is carried out in the EasyChair conference management environment. Please, use your existing EasyChair account created for the submitting of your abstract earlier. If you have forgotten the password,  please, do not create the new account,  instead  use the EasyChair system password recovery routine.


The screenshots below illustrate the Proceedings paper submission process.

Upon clicking the button above, the log in screen to Easy Chair for ISSTT 2019 will appear.  

On the screen that will appear, please, follow  Enter as an author  link, as on the screenshot below.

On the page, which will open, the overview of the contributions submitted to ISSTT2019 will be shown (please, see the screenshot below). Follow either My Submissions link, or click on the magnifying lens pictogram (both shown by green arrows on the screenshot below).

Important: Do not create the new submission, instead update those already made.

On the new page, please, follow the links (shown by green arrows on the screenshot below) to update the contribution details, authors list and upload the Proceedings paper.

Important: Please, consider updating the authors list, so that all authors of the contribution are listed.