for Presenters


Invited talks are limited to 35 minutes + 5 minutes for  Questions and Answers.

Contributed oral talks are limited to 15 minutes + 5 minutes for  Questions and Answers.

  • Please prepare your talk in PowerPoint format. Pdf format is allowed, though not preferred.

  • Please, upload your presentation file to a conference PC laptop during some break prior to your session.

  • Use of a personal laptop for presenting will not be allowed to avoid delays and incompatibility issues to the projector.

  • Please check in advance if your presentation runs well on a conference PC laptop especially if you made it using a Mac computer.

  • We would like to ask all presenters to ensure their presentations fit allocated duration.


  • Recommended poster size is 70 cm by 100 cm in portrait orientation. Maximum poster sizes could be 95 cm (width) by 100 cm (height).

  • The posters can be mounted on Sunday, April 14 during the registration and Welcome reception time or, alternatively, on Monday morning.

  • Please, place the Poster at the assigned poster wall according to its number.  We group poster presentations based on subject and field.

  • Posters should be taken down not later than by the afternoon coffee on Wednesday, April 17, otherwise they will be discarded.