ISSTT2019 abstract submission
Abstract submission deadline: January 14, 24:00 UTC


For those who wish oral presentation, we require 1 full page abstract (including title, authors, abstract, text, up to 1 figure, not more than 4 references).


The poster contributions could be submitted as a half page abstract. However, we encourage all authors to write contributions to be 1 full page (up to 1 figure, not more than 4 references),  even if your aim is a poster. A full-page abstract would help reviewers (SAC) to judge contributions more objectively and positively.


The electronic file of your abstract must be formatted following the template and submitted as a pdf-document.

The submission and processing of the abstracts is carried out in the EasyChair conference management environment. You will need to create an account in the system and then submit the abstract there. The screenshots below illustrate the process.

Upon clicking the button above, the log in screen to Easy Chair for ISSTT 2019 will appear.  Please, follow  Create  an account  link, as shown on the screenshot below:

Pass the verification and continue further:

Fill in your name and email address, as illustrated on the screenshot below:

Receive confirmation email message from EasyChair and follow the received link, as illustrated on the screenshots below.

Complete filling the details and cofirm agreement with EasyChair Terms and Conditions, as on the screenshot below:

Upon completing the EasyChair account creating, click the button Submit abstract  below.

Do not follow the green-arrow marked link on the screen that will appear, as shown on the screenshot below.

On the screen that will appear, please, follow  Enter as an author  link, as on the screenshot below.



Please, use the same EasyChair account, even if you submit more than one abstract !